Debt Consolidation

What’s your credit card interest rate like?

Whilst there are major benefits to refinancing, you still need to tread cautiously so as not to end up paying more by spreading your repayments over a longer time frame.

If, like many people, you have a few different debts (e.g. car loan and credit card debt) with varying interest rates, the charges from these loans may be higher than the interest you are currently paying on your home loan.

It may be cheaper for you to consolidate all you debts with your home loan, enabling you to pay off your debts quicker as well as reducing your overall financial commitments.

A careful analysis of your finances can determine whether refinancing is recommended in your case.

Our Advisers can help you restructure your finances and determine the best ways for you to achieve great savings from your loan. It only takes a few minutes of your time and it doesn’t cost you a cent.

If you know that your circumstance will be changing in the near future or you feel that you could benefit from refinancing, give Hatch a call and let our advisers do the legwork for you. We will compare all the loan options and help select one that is right for you.