Superannuation Advice

Taking Your Super Seriously


Superannuation is an essential and very tax effective vehicle for accumulating benefits for retirement. While most individuals are aware of their employers making contributions on their behalf, very few understand exactly how their benefits are structured and invested. These aspects, combined with contribution strategies, can make a huge difference come retirement.

Our pre-retirement advice covers:

  • Structuring for tax effectiveness;
  • Investing for long term capital appreciation;
  • Contribution strategies;
  • Assistance with the consolidation of existing Funds; and
  • Utilising Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (see the ‘Self Managed Superannuation Funds’ link.)

Our transition to retirement and post-retirement advice covers:

  • Salary sacrifice / transition to retirement strategies;
  • Non-commutable pensions; and
  • Account based pensions.