Retirement Planning

Your Super is Serious

Getting ready for retirement can be exciting and anxiety ridden in equal measures. It may well be the greatest financial challenge of your life.
That’s why it’s never too early to start thinking about what retirement means for you. How will your retirement be funded? Can you afford to retire? Do you have the income stream to support the lifestyle you want?

An allocated pension gives you a flexible and tax effective way to generate regular income payments in retirement. You can also make lump sum withdrawals at any time (within product limits).  

  • You can closely manage your finances in retirement
  • Your account balance, level of income payments and investment performance determines the term of the pension.


We’re living longer these days, and most of us have specific aspirations about what we’d like to do after we retire. We listen carefully to your dreams for life ‘after work’ and help you formulate a plan to make the most of your retirement while making sure you don’t miss out on the things you like to do now.


At Bellevue Capital, we like to focus on the bigger picture and the finer details of wealth accumulation.
When it comes to superannuation, that means looking at your long-term life plans. Meet with us to discuss how you can keep your current lifestyle in your golden years. Our advisers will take into account your work, family, household budgeting, superannuation and investments, then create a strategy that works – just the way you want it to. We’ll help you unleash your financial potential in retirement with a range of targeted solutions custom designed to suit your circumstances.

You need to have the right plan for now and the future to make sure you won’t miss out on the things that will be important to you in retirement.  Getting all the factors right can seem like a juggling act. Our expert advisers make the process easy. Get one of our team to explain your options and make sure all the elements for a great retirement are kept in play. Then all you’ll have to do is enjoy the rest of your life.